Intex Swimming Pools Online



Intex Swimming Pools are a superb range of above ground swimming pools for any sized garden in the Uk with ranges from the easy set intex pools right up to the very large rectaungualr intex pools.


The intex pool range of outdoor above ground swimming pools are made from high quality materials and extremely fun to use throughout the summer months with a very easy to assemble or inflate procedure. For example, the easy set intex swimming pools can fit many people and hold between 639 and 5,894 gallons of water depending on the size of the pool.


To inflate the easy set intex swimming pools you lay it on a flat surface which is aware from sharp objects which could tear or puncture the lining and begin to fill water into the correct water connector. The water enters the pools inner tubes which begin to give the pool its shape, as the pool begins to shape it lets more water in so the process speeds up. Once the intex swimming pool is fully filled up with water it is best to use pool maintenance chemicals to make sure the water is clean before using the pool.


As mentioned above, all intex swimming pools should be placed on a flat surface as once they are full of water you will not be able to move the pool unless you empty it. Having the pool on even a slight slope can cause the pool to bow, puts pressure on the edge of the pool and could damage the pool. The other side is that it is not much fun being in a pool on a slope with the water lapping out over one side.


Intex swimming pools come in many different diameters so do look around the whole range at madfun before deciding what pool to purchase. If you go for a larger pool, the framed intex swimming pools are a worthwhile investment as they use snap together parts which gives them increased strength, a larger size , takes more water and most importantly you can get many more people in them for the summer fun.