Garden Intex Pools


Its that time of year when many people start looking for garden Intex pools as they are a fantastic range of outdoor above ground swimming pools. Intex pools can be enjoyed throughout the spring summer and autumn with the intex portable spa being a popular option which heats the water to 40 degrees so lovely to sit in, especially with the Jacuzzi bubbles. Intex pools come in many different sizes as explained below.

The main sizes of the intex pools come as 8, 10 and 12 feet in diameter and 30 inches in height on all models. All above ground pools come with a 220-240 volt filter pump which can work with 530galons, that’s 2006 litres a hour. The 8ft intex pool has a pool cover free of charge which stops leaves, dirt and insects from getting in the water when it is not in use which is not nice to look at but also pollutes the water.

When we received our pool last year, we decided on the largest pool and looks absolutely huge in our garden. It cannot be placed on sand or sort dirt otherwise it can bow out the water and damage the pool. Before you use your intex pools it is advisable to put chlorine in but cannot be used until the day after but means many bacteria are eliminated so peace of mind.
These intex pools are much bigger than your standard outdoor paddling pool, are inflated with air so starts to give the upper ring structure. As the pool stands up more, it lets water in at the bottom and starts to fill up.