Intex Framed Pools

If you are looking for a outdoor pool with excellent strength compared to a standard pool then intex framed pools could be the answer you are looking for. This pool for example can easily fit 5 or 6 people and comes in with dimensions of 10ft x 30” with a metal frame for excellent stability.

The pool itself comes with a filter pump which is always a must to assist in keeping the water clean. This is not a end all option as you will still need to make sure the water is free of later objects such as leaves, twigs, dead insects and general items which you may find flies through the air.

The intex framed set of pools are the sturdiest on the UK market with assembly easily talking under an hour and then ready for filling with water. For ease of use, the different parts snap together so there are no tools required to assemble your new Intex Frames Pool. As with any pool as mentioned on our easy set pool post, setting the pool on a level surface is very important as the sides can easily bow if not level and full of water.

Easy Set Intex Pools

Such an intense seller throughout the summer, outdoor pools such as the intex pools range are brilliant for any garden be it small, medium or large. The range of intex pools available is superb with a pool to suit any family. Being able to sit or play in the garden and make the most of the small amount of sun we seem to have in the United Kingdom cannot be beat unless you have a pool or a trampoline.

The basic set of intex pools come from the Easy Set range such as the 10ft x 30” Easy set pool which comes with a filter pump to assist in keeping the water clean as possible.

To inflate an easy set pool, all you do is attach the hose and start filling water into the top ring. The pressure of the water inside the ring causes the structure to start rising and give it shape. The pool itself should ideally be on as flat surface as possible as even a small gradient can cause the water to be uneven and put pressure on the side of the pool.

Again surface wise, make sure there are not small twigs, stones or any other objects in the area the pool will be sat.